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Future benefits of beautification and promotion

The beautification and promotion of the Quezon Memorial Circle historical site and monument will benefit not only the local government and residents of Quezon City but every local or international tourist who would come to enjoy what it has to offer. It will be a site for learning, communing with nature, wellness and gatherings in an outdoor environment. It will be place where people will learn about nature in our national language (Filipino), a tribute to Manuel L. Quezon, being ‘Ama ng Wikang Pilipino” (Father of the Filipino Language). It will also create jobs such as park care takers, gardeners, trainers, concessionaires, etc.

Proposed Plan for Beautification:
1.        A new master plan for the zoning of the Quezon Memorial Circle will be implemented. There will be the monument and museum area, flora and fauna area, picnic area, physical fitness area, entertainment area, concession area and parking area.

A.       Monument and Museum
Being the focal point of the park, the Quezon Monument will be refurbished, secured and protected from vandals by means of a green buffer zone. It will be enhanced with flowering and scented plants for morning appreciation and with colored lights in dramatic hues for the evening effect. 

The museum will be renovated. The museum pieces and artifacts will be organized. A defined path for museum tour will be established using guided voice prompt or a tour guide. Museum lighting with appropriate illumination level will be installed to enhance museum pieces. Air-conditioning system will be provided for visitors’ comfort and convenience. A souvenir area will be provided.

B.        Flora and Fauna
There will be an area for tamed animals that are easy to maintain such as birds and butterflies amidst a garden of scented and multi colored flowering plants. Along the foot path the scientific and common names of the animal and flower species in English and Filipino will be indicated for educational purposes.

C.      Picnic Area
A green area will be developed. There will be a grass area with shady trees for family picnics. The trees will be provided with individual signs featuring their scientific and common names and other related information in English and Filipino for educational purposes. This area would be ideal for people to relax and spend quality time together.

D.       Physical Fitness
The current physical fitness programs being implemented in the park will be maintained but enhanced with dedicated facilities for each activity. There will be a dedicated path for walking, jogging and cycling within the circumference of the park among a tiled path with shady trees. The aerobics area will be improved and provided with a better sound system. The football field will be revived together with other courts like, volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc. Lockers and shower rooms will be provided for a fee.

E.        Entertainment Area
The main fountain at Liwasang Aurora will be redesigned and provided with a figure or architecture that will look interesting even if the fountain water is not being operated but will not outshine the Quezon Monument. It will be a dancing fountain with multi-colored lights that are computer generated to groove with the music. The music will be from the sound system or from a live orchestra or band. Thus, a platform will be built for the performers, the design of which will harmonize with the fountain structure. Plants that are mosquito repellants will be planted within the surroundings to keep-off insects from water remnants. Other smaller fountains within the park will also be refurbished. An amphitheater will be built complete with proper lighting and sound system for other theatrical performances and special events in the park. The children’s playground will be renovated. Safe playground facilities will be provided. Colorful tables for toys and table games will be provided to encourage sharing, camaraderie and friendly table competitions.

F.        Concessionaires
Commercial spaces will be grouped and organized. Food concessions will be in a strategic location. There will be shops for dry goods and souvenirs. A garden with organic vegetable for sale will also form part of the concession area. In that way, there will be organization and a proper system for the concessionaires.

G.      Parking
Parking area will be at-grade level only; no elevated structures will be allowed so as not to hamper the view of the monument. Parking fees will be charged accordingly. People will be encouraged to take the public transport especially the government project of a future MRT Line 7 (running from SM North EDSA to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan) which is proposed to have an underground station at the park. People will be encouraged to walk from the car park and train station to the park proper. For the elderly, pregnant women and people with disability (PWD), a solar powered jeepney will be available for tour of the park. Waiting sheds will be built at strategic locations within the park.

2.     The Quezon Memorial Circle will be re-developed using green technology. It will be provided with solar panels for renewable energy, gray water system for water recycling, waste management, energy efficient and energy saving lighting and toilet fixtures. All materials to be used will be durable, long lasting under heavy usage and easy to maintain.

3.     Cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene will be utmost concern. Trash receptacles (biodegradable and non-biodegradable) will be spread throughout the park. Comfort rooms will be abundant and regularly and properly maintained. There will also be some Pay Comfort Rooms with toilet amenities.

4.     Directional and informative signages both in Filipino and English languages will be abundant, readable and illuminated at night. Filipino verses will also be visible in strategic locations for appreciation of the Filipino language and literature.

5.     Park goers will be given a sense of security by police visibility and roaming guards. Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) will be installed at strategic locations.

To assist in the park maintenance, corresponding minimal fees for each facility will be charged. Discounts will be given to senior citizens and educational field trips.

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